Physics Program

Physics program of MAGIX

The MESA accelerator combined with the MAGIX spectrometers provides unique opportunities for precission experiments in hadron and nuclear physics. The large beam current of an energy recovery accelerator allows for the use of a windowless gas target, leading to large luminosity at still very low resolution losses due to multiple scattering and other target effects. In addition, a gas target allows for the use of polarized target nuclei at modest luminosities.

The MAGIX physics program is centered on precision and resolution at the energy range below the pion production threshold. On this pages, a few examples are given to illustrate the possibilities of this setup:

Search for Dark Photons
Magnetic Radius of the Proton
Few Body Physics
Astrophysical S-Factor of the reaction 16O+γ→12C+α
Search for Dark Matter with a Beamdump Experiment